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Celebrity Events are the best way to build buzz.  Every form of press gravitates anywhere celebrities congregate.  Find a great celebrity event and make the brand sponsorship exciting, interactive, and eventful. From Blockbuster Premieres to Buzz-Worthy Events, AIM sources events that are the best fit for the brand and the most exciting for their consumer target. 

The Friars Club

AIM Productions has had a long-standing relationship with the Friars Club prior to establishing our producing partnership with them.  In addition to the large events that the Club presents, they have a long history of charitable endeavors.  AIM has supported and continues to assist them with The Sunshine Committee’s Annual Children Holiday Celebration at the Ziegfeld Theater, The Friars Annual Golf and Tennis Fundraiser, The Gift of Laughter and other membership events throughout the year.

Over the last few years, AIM has assisted with Tributes and Celebrity Roasts for John Travolta, Quentin Tarantino, Larry King, Betty White and Tom Cruise.

These events draw high press engagement, A-List Celebrities and desirable buzz for the Friars and its partners.  Most recently AIM and The Friars Club formalized their relationship to collaborate on development of primetime and cable programming concepts.

AIM Productions secured Jack Daniels Sinatra Select sponsorship for the Friars Foundation’s Annual Gala.  Robert De Niro was honored with the Friars Club Entertainment Icon Award along with Mexican business magnate Carlos Slim, who received the Friars Club Icon Award for Philanthropy. It was a star-studded evening of toasting, roasting and magical musical moments.  AIM negotiated Jack Daniels Sinatra Select as a premiere event sponsor.


AIM Productions secured Redd's Apple Ale sponsorship for the Roast of Boomer Esiason. A retired American football quarterback and current network color commentator. He played for the National Football League's Cincinnati Bengals, New York Jets, and Arizona Cardinals before working as an analyst for ABC and HBO. Boomer Esiason was the key figure in the Cincinnati Bengal's 180-degree turn from a 4-11 record in 1987 to an AFC-best 12-4 in 1988 and was named the NFL's Most Valuable Player by the Associated Press. He is currently an analyst for CBS Sports primarily on The NFL Today, as well as morning co-host on New York radio station WFAN and Monday Night Football analyst for Westwood One.

AIM Productions secured the Blue Moon Brewing Company's sponsorship for the Sony Pictures Classics "Kill Your Darlings" premiere party in Los Angeles. Stars Daniel Radcliff, Dane DeHann, Micheal C. Hall, and Jennifer Jason Leigh were all in attendance, along with enough Blue Moon for all !

AIM Productions secured BMW’s sponsorship for the Friars Club Entertainment Icon Award honoring Mr. Tom Cruise.  The night belonged to BMW and Tom Cruise who received the Friars Club’s prestigious Entertainment Icon Award. It has only been given out three times in the Club’s 108-year history–to Douglas Fairbanks, Cary Grant and Frank Sinatra.  A BMW Good Time was had by all!

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It was a Lady Godiva appearance at the Betty White Roast. AIM Productions secured the title sponsor for Godiva Chocolatiers. Friars President and Dean Freddie Roman opened the proceedings by introducing “our modern day Lady Godiva” and as curtains parted there sat a nearly naked woman on a white horse. Betty then came out seated on a pony escorted by two bare-chested cowboys. When she got off the horse, Betty yelled to Lady Godiva, “Get the heck out of here!” And they were off!

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AIM Productions secured Redd's Apple Ale sponsorship for the Roast of Jack Black. Black began acting at the age of 13 and has gone on to become a revered actor with serious box-office draw. His most recent role as the star of the critically acclaimed BERNIE, has earned him the best reviews of his career and was recently nominated for two IFP Gotham Awards for Best Feature and Best Ensemble.  Black cemented his place in viewer’s hearts across the globe with memorable roles in films like TROPIC THUNDER, NACHO LIBRE, KING KONG, KUNG FU PANDA 1&2, and SCHOOL OF ROCK, which earned him a Golden Globe nomination.