AIM is a Women-Owned and Women-Led company that pioneered Product Placement and Entertainment Marketing in its infancy.   Along with one or two other entrepreneurs who started paving this path, Our company has nurtured an industry we had a significant hand in creating; through its infancy, its adolescence, and to its adulthood as an established and valued business.  Our secret sauce called for a base of business acumen and strong marketing skills, a heart with perseverance, two handfuls of ingenuity, and a good pinch of imagination and creativity; that is still our best recipe.  And we serve this dish up to every Client.   We have long standing relationships with the majority of our global and domestic clients.  We build together, we grow together.   Our 40 year History is Her-Story; as we became a Primary Vendor to every Studio, Independent production company, and Producer.   We created  “Firsts”  in every category, which became some of the most memorable and successful marketing projects in the entertainment industry across all entertainment platforms and distribution evidenced in the work we share on this website.  Here you will find a sample of some of our most iconic moments.  And, each and every one has a Story.  

The Beginning

Established one of the first Product Placement Agencies in the United States.

Junior Mints Episode

AIM puts Junior Mints on Seinfeld.

DWTS - Slimfast

First to do a full season branded integration on Dancing With the Stars for Slimfast!


AIM wins ICE Award for Creative Excellent for hands on placement of Polaroid Camera with Madonna in Desperately Seeking Susan.

Jurassic Park - Jell-O

Nothing Shaky about the Jell-O Jurassic Park Promotion. It took AIM 64 million years and 6 months to create the largest promotional home entertainment tie-in of all time.

The Women

Negotiated and developed production of original content by Diane English for "Dove Self Esteem Campaign" called the Women Behind the Women. Designed to support release of the film THE WOMEN.

Royal Ooze

"Ooze" themed Turtles promotion produced large sales for #2 Royal Ooze, surpassing the #1 brand, Jell-O in the market.

The Street

Created and maintained functional New York City Street for Seinfeld on CBS Studio Center Lot in LA. (Other shows like Caroline in the City and Will "&", Grace also used this set which still exists on the back lot today.)

AGT - Kraft

Branded integration of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Crackers on America's Got Talent.

Red Stripe

AIM negotiates Red Stripe beer in hit movie THE FIRM. "People's Choice Award" 1994 for best supporting beer in a motion picture. Sales up 53%. Source: Market Wrap CNBC

The Academy

Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. First Entertainment Marketing Agency to speak on Creating Television Program Partnerships with Corporate Sponsors.

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